ISCY Publications

Working Papers

The following Working Papers were presented at the ISCY symposium at the WERA Focal Meeting, 20 November 2014. The papers provide an overview of the education system in three ISCY cities, with a focus on educational inequality. The first two papers include selected preliminary data from the ISCY Student Survey.

This following technical paper describes the method and concepts used in developing composite scales for measuring student 21st century skills, using data from the ISCY Student Survey:


Please note, all publications using ISCY data need to include the following text of acknowledgement.

This {publication type} uses data from the International Study of City Youth (ISCY).  ISCY is an international collaborative project designed and implemented by various research partners from across the world and led by the Centre for International Research on Education Systems (CIRES) at Victoria University, Australia.  ISCY has received funding from the Australian Research Council, the Victorian Department of Education and Training and CIRES. We acknowledge the support and contribution made by all students, teachers and schools participating in the project.